Elena C. Katsourides

Creative/Artist Manager   -   Photographer


A Photographer, Blogger and a Creative/Artist Manager based in Nicosia, Cyprus. I enjoy sharing my adventures, through photography and writing, as I travel all around the world .

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I was introduced to the world of cinematography by my dad. From there on I was fascinated with the magical world of moving pictures from an early age. My grandfather, the GM of Papadopoulos Movie Theater, prior to the release and the opening night of each new film,  drafted an innovative synopsis for the movie which he then published as part of the film’s promotional campaign. This same creative environment which inspired my uncle, who was a famous director, cinematographer and editor, Dino Katsourides, became the platform from which I ventured into my personal journey of artistic creativity.

I was the official still photographer to "Melpomene", one of Thespína Music productions, as well as to a number of other film/TV productions.  

My studies in psychology and life coaching have given me the ability to capture behind the scenes mundane moments of life in a realistic way that highlights the simplicity in everyday living.   

During my free time, I explore the world as a freelance photographer, and enjoy taking photos of landscapes, nature, food, people and anything that makes me and my camera click!

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